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Trading is not an easy business; whatever is your experience level in the field, there is always something new you can learn. It is a vast landscape that involves so much from learning new strategies to improve chances of profit-making to solving mindset issues related to trading.

This is where trading education platforms prove to be useful. There are several websites dedicated to providing you with the tools and guidance you need to create an effective trading strategy that drives success.

Rockwell Trading is one such popular platform that claims to make you a successful day trader with its state-of-the-art trading program and content. In this detailed review, let us take a look at what the program is all about, how it can help you, and whether you should give it a try.


What Does Rockwell Trading Offer?

Rockwell Trading is a trading education platform built and run by an experienced coach and trader Markus Heitkoetter.The program focuses on key aspects of day trading and provides hands-on training on effective trading strategies through live instances.

Markus has been trading for over 25 years and has developed various tactics that have worked in different market conditions. Through this coaching program, he aims to share his trading approach and knowledge in the area with aspirants looking for some guidance.

Let us take a look at the key features of this platform.


The PowerX Optimizer

The company offers trading software designed to help you get started and become a professional trader over time. PowerX Optimizer is a proprietary trading software focused primarily on stock and options trading strategy.

The PowerX Optimizer software does all the work for you, saving you from interpreting technical charts and indicators. It just needs a few clicks to get a list of all the high-probability options and stocks you could trade.

This program not only saves you a lot of time but also takes the guesswork out of the equation. It is powerful enough to provide you with all the entry and exit points so you already know where you can take your profits. The Optimizer helps you find the best stocks to invest in and the perfect broker to execute the trades.

The Power X Optimizer Software


Coaching Programs

The founder of the platform, Markus has been in the trading landscape for over 25 years, so there is so much you can learn from him. He has spent time compiling his strategies and methods in a shareable format that traders of every level can benefit from.

Also, to help you learn from one-on-one coaching, he has introduced the Rockwell Freedom Mastermind program that gives you a chance to learn directly from Markus and other lead coaches.

This coaching program has two pricing tiers to choose from:

The Diamond Plan – Priced at $30,000, this 36-month program covers access to course materials, group coaching calls, virtual online trading, personal one-on-one calls, and more.

The Platinum Plan – This 6-month membership to the course costs $12,000 and covers the same services but the number of calls and sessions differ between the two tiers.

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Live Trading Room

What differentiates this platform from other similar services is the focus on practical knowledge. Rather than simply teaching the strategies theoretically, the program allows mastering them through a live trading room where you get a chance to see how the coach implements the methods practically. This will make sure you can put the strategies into practice when the time comes.


Theta Kings

This is an online on-demand training seminar that teaches how you can thrive in the market and identify the best options.The program also provides useful insight about using the time to your advantage and finding the ideal edge to exploit. The Swing trading strategy you learn doesn’t need to be monitored all the time; most trades last for days or even weeks.


Trading Platform

The program also provides you with a reliable platform dedicated to allowing you to focus on trading signals and indicators. This will ensure that you can maximize the service and get the desired results out of it.


Live Charts

The charting feature of the service helps you analyze your trading moves and the strategies you implement. Live charts also help you look at the methods other established traders have been using as a part of their strategy.

The Wheel Option Strategy


The Wheels Options Strategy

This book is aimed to be a step-by-step guide to generating consistent income from trading. It focuses on a high win-rate strategy ‘The Win’ and discloses the secrets of maintaining consistent results.

It teaches you how you can ensure you trade only the best possible stocks by spending only a few hours a week. This book is available for free; you only pay for the shipping and handling charges.


One of the most exciting features of this platform is the live news feed from top business news services including ABC News, Yahoo, CBS, NBC, and more. This section keeps you updated on the current events in the business world that impact how you execute your trading methods.


On the website, you can also find a large number of blogs written by the founder of the program himself covering a variety of topics. These blogs include useful tips on everything from using the platform and doing research on stocks to practical trading itself. Regardless of the topic of the blog, the aim is to enhance your knowledge and help you be a better trader.



Key Advantages & Disadvantages of Rockwell Trading

Let us list some of the pros and cons of this platform.



  • The program covers almost all the topics for success in trading
  • Lessons are available in digital or DVD format to let you choose what seems convenient to you
  • Personal coaching sessions with the team facilitates clarifying any concerns and doubts you may have
  • Strategies taught in the program are applicable across markets like commodity, forex, and E-mini futures
  • It is a reliable site with thousands of positive reviews and high ratings from users



  • The customer service area can be improved to some extent
  • It has a somewhat longer learning curve



Rockwell Trading is the perfect platform for anybody interested in honing their trading skills. While it takes some patience and effort to become proficient and well-versed with the ins and outs of trading, there is a lot you can learn from this program and progress on your journey to becoming a successful trader.

It is suitable for everybody, whether a beginner or an advanced player in the field. It is designed to help you build a trading strategy for making profits in forex, options, or futures markets, whichever appeals to you the most.


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