Best Stock Screener 2023



What is the stock screener?


A stock screener is an invaluable tool for any investor or trader looking to make informed decisions about the stocks they buy and sell. It is a type of software that allows users to filter stocks based on criteria such as price, market capitalization, sector, and more. By using a stock screener, investors can quickly identify stocks that meet their criteria and have potential for growth. The stock screener also provides valuable insights into the performance of different stocks over time so investors can make better-informed decisions. With the help of a stock screener, investors can easily find stocks that fit their investment strategy and maximize their returns.



How to choose stock screener?


Choosing the right stock screener can be a daunting task. With so many options available, it is important to understand the features and criteria that should be considered when selecting a stock screener. Before making a decision, it is essential to consider factors such as the cost of the service, the level of customization available, and the speed of data updates. Additionally, it is important to evaluate how user-friendly and intuitive each platform is in order to ensure that you are able to maximize your return on investment. Ultimately, choosing a stock screener requires careful consideration and research in order to make sure that you are getting the best product for your needs.



The 3 Best Stock Screener of 2023



1) Trade Ideas Pro


Trade Ideas Pro is a powerful trading tool designed to help traders of all levels make informed decisions. It provides real-time market data, advanced charting capabilities, and a suite of tools to help traders identify potential trading opportunities. With Trade Ideas Pro, users can access pre-built scans, create custom scans based on their own criteria, and view detailed analytics on the performance of their trades. Additionally, Trade Ideas Pro offers educational resources and support to help traders maximize their success in the markets. Click Here For More Review


Pricing: $84~167/month ( Paid Annually)

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2) Benziga Pro

Benzinga Pro

Benzinga Pro Scanner is a powerful tool that provides traders with real-time market insights and analysis. It has a variety of features, such as news alerts, earnings calendars, market movers, and more. With the Benzinga Pro Scanner, traders can quickly identify potential trading opportunities and make informed decisions. It also offers users access to exclusive research from some of the top financial experts in the industry. By having access to this data, traders can gain an edge over other investors and stay ahead of the competition. Click Herer For More Review

Pricing : $27~$381/month (Paid Annually)

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3) Scanz




Scanz is a stock scanner that helps investors quickly identify trading opportunities. It uses sophisticated algorithms to scan through thousands of stocks, ETFs, and mutual funds in real-time and alert users when there are potential trading opportunities. With Scanz, investors can save time and money by quickly identifying stocks that meet their criteria. Additionally, they can customize their scans to focus on specific sectors or regions and take advantage of the latest market trends. Scanz also provides detailed analysis of each stock, including performance metrics such as price-to-earnings ratio, dividend yield, and more. With Scanz, investors can make informed decisions. Click Here For More Review


Pricing : $169/month

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Type of Stock Screener


There are several types of stock screens that investors can use to filter through the vast universe of stocks and identify potential investment opportunities. Some common types of stock screens include:

1)Fundamental screens: These screens focus on financial metrics such as earnings per share, price-to-earnings ratio, and dividend yield.

2)Technical screens: These screens focus on price and volume patterns to identify trends and potential buying or selling opportunities.

3) Growth screens: These screens focus on companies with a history of strong earnings growth and revenue growth.

4) Value screens: These screens focus on companies that are undervalued relative to their peers or the broader market.

5) Income screens: These screens focus on companies with high dividend yields or a history of consistent dividend payments.

6) ESG screens: These screens focus on companies that meet environmental, social, and governance criteria.

It’s important to note that stock screens are just one tool in the investor’s toolbox and should be used in conjunction with other research and analysis to make informed investment decisions.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the features of the stock screener?

The features of a stock screener can vary depending on the tool you are using. However, most stock screeners allow investors to search and find stocks based on market cap, P/E ratio, and more. Some stock screeners sort securities based on the performance characteristics you want using fundamental and technical analysis.

What is the cost of the stock screener?

Basic free stock screeners are available, though many investors opt to pay for a premium stock screener for the added features.  For example, Benzinga pro offers a free version and a paid version starting at $27 per month.

What is the learning curve for the stock screener?

Some platforms require some commitment as the learning curve is steep. However, there are a lot of education and support resources available.

What are the pros and cons of using the stock screener?

Pros of using a stock screener include the ability to filter stocks based on user-defined metrics and to find stocks based on market cap, P/E ratio, and more. Some cons of using a stock screener include the learning curve and the cost of the tool.