Bulls On Wall Street Review  – A Complete Guide


Whether a newbie or professional in the landscape, every trader needs to use some education from time to time. The internet is full of services and platforms claiming to be experts at helping traders and analysts with the latest information and insights.

One of the most popular trading education platforms, Bulls On Wall Street is designed to provide the support you need to make wiser trading decisions.

In this review, let us take a closer look at the platform, its offerings, pros and cons to help readers find out whether it is worth giving a try.


What Is Bulls On Wall Street?


Bulls on wall street logo Founded 13 years back in 2008, Bulls on Wall Street is a day trading and swing trading learning and alerts service set apart by its long track record. It was in 2012 that it was expanded into a thorough education service for new traders and started offering the most intensive training to those looking to enter day and swing trading.

The founder of the service is Kunal Desai who started trading in 1999 and has survived through bear and bull markets. His trading style is mainly centered around momentum-based strategies. Apart from day trading, he invests and trades in cryptocurrency. He has spoken at big trading summits and events and has been featured on several platforms for his trading knowledge and skills.

Paul Singh is the head of the swing trading program and has been trading for over 20 years now. He is known for his trading history and has taught Kunal how to trade for a living. He also used momentum-based strategies and is into swing trading more than day trading. He runs a part-time trader service where he teaches how to swing trade while doing a full-time job.


What Does Bulls On Wall Street Offer?

Bulls on Wall Street offers four main areas to serve traders, regardless of their experience level and preferences. These include a live 60-day trading boot camp, swing trading, day trading, and workshops.



The most popular of the programs offered by Bulls on Wall Street, Boot Camp is a 60-day live trading course divided further into two phases. The first segment takes place for the first thirty days that comprises live training classes by Kunal himself. It focuses on teaching you the basics of stock trading, analysis, charting, and trading strategies and styles.

The second segment of thirty days lets you experience practically the trading methods of top traders and discuss everything in real-time. You get a chance to talk to the mentors about trades and the market and put your knowledge into practice. You watch Kunal and Paul as they trade and learn their strategies for creating watch lists and setups.

At the same time, you are put on a Trading Simulator that mimics real-life situations to apply whatever you have learned from the course. After this, your trades are reviewed and you receive feedback from the coach and other traders.

Bulls on wall street bootcamp

Day Trading Room

This trading room is run by Kunal Desai and you get direct access to his guidance and an opportunity to trade alongside other top traders upon joining this program. As a member of this trading room, you get the following perks:

  • Actionable trade ideas
  • Trader screen share
  • Listen to the mentor
  • Daily market recaps
  • Vibrant community of traders
  • Nightly trading watch list

With this program, you also get access to an advanced day trading course with more than 20 hours of on-demand videos. They even offer live group training and ongoing support in different ways to help plan your trades. The program provides you access to a chat room where trade ideas are discussed with the community. Kunal also joins the chat room frequently where he calls out his trades and shares technical analysis.


Swing Trading Room

The platform offers a swing trading chatroom for part-time traders run by Paul. With this program, you get access to actionable trade ideas, daily trade reports, live market commentary, on-demand boot camp, daily stock watch list, Q&A sessions with the mentor, and many more benefits. This program features 16 on-demand classes with more than 20 hours of learning material and much more.

Apart from the course, Paul takes the learners through his momentum-based strategy and teaches risk and trade management through mentorship sessions. The Swing Trade alerts service provides real-time alerts to keep traders updated on hot stocks for potential investment opportunities. A swing trading chatroom is also available for traders to discuss thoughts and strategies.


Events and Workshops

The Bulls on Wall Street platform hosts on-demand workshops accessible for anybody at any time. These workshops cover a wide range of trading topics that traders can benefit from.

It also offers multi-day in-person workshops where learners can access complete knowledge and get an opportunity to interact with experienced traders. These events are hosted by Kunal where he shares his trading strategies as well.


Bulls On Wall Street – Advantages & Disadvantages

The Bulls on Wall Street platform offers several amazing features for traders to benefit from. Here are the pros and cons you should consider about this service.


  • Ideal for new as well as experienced traders
  • Chat room for community
  • Clear real-time trade alerts
  • Free online workshops
  • Technical analysis from experts
  • Good amount of content with each course
  • Experienced educators
  • Lots of free material available on the site


  • Expensive
  • No trial period
  • Blogs are not interesting
  • Chatroom might appear too heavy


While it may seem expensive, Bulls on Wall Street is overall a detailed, comprehensive, helpful system. Having a team of dedicated mentors working personally with you on trading setups and strategies is certainly worth the expense. Moreover, you get access to a lot of educational material for a lifetime.

If the 60-day Boot Camp feels too costly, you can look at some other course that offers similar training material and guidance for a lower monthly fee. Consider trying out the free material or a monthly subscription to decide if it is the right fit for you.

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Bulls on wall street

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