Earn2Trade Review – A Complete Guide


With hundreds of trading education platforms, mentors, and firms emerging every day, it becomes difficult to find the right place to start educating yourself on trading basics and techniques.

Earn2Trade is one of the few legitimate companies that actually offer what they promise. It is an educational program targeted at traders, helping them learn futures and forex trading.

In this guide, let us take a closer look at Earn2Trade and discuss its offerings in detail to help you understand what you should expect from it.

What is Earn2Trade?


A reputed education school that offers webinars, mentoring sessions, and personalized coaching to those willing to start their trading career, Earn2Trade is a platform that helps you become a funded professional trader in a short period.

The company has a team of educators, developers, and experienced traders. On the completion of the program, students also get recruited by trading firms. The educational course was introduced by Ryan Masten to help learn the basics of futures as well as forex trading. Earn2Trade operates in multiple locations across the country including Texas, Florida, and Hungary.

Earn2Trade is also a trading simulator that provides hands-on experience to students in an attempt to train the next generation of traders. The platform aims to shape the futures market by offering detailed training programs for those who want to dive into the trading business.

It provides a great way for aspiring traders to become professionally funded traders with everything from beginner-level courses and mini futures contracts to comprehensive evaluation programs completing which gives a guaranteed offer from partner firms.

What Does Earn2Trade Offer?


Earn2Trade offers a variety of options for traders and learners to choose from, depending on their level and interest. Here are the most popular offerings from this platform.


It is a six-month-long comprehensive course where students learn everything about risk management, market conditions, and technical trading. After the course, students are mapped with proprietary trading firms. You receive mentoring-based education from educators who have passed Series 3 and Series 34 exams.

The mentor guides through video courses and webinars on one-to-one sessions. Upon completion of your education, you encounter a trading simulator where you test your knowledge and skills in a realistic environment.

Beginner Crash Course

This is an entry-level educational course that teaches everything one should know about the market and conditions, technical trading, and risk management. It comprises 60 videos of 6-10 minutes each, covering basic as well as advanced concepts of trading. The lessons are designed to explain complex concepts in a simple format, with animations and examples. Every video is followed up with a quiz to test the students.

The Gauntlet

This is a Futures trading evaluation tool that helps determine if you have learned what it takes to start a professional trading career. The Gauntlet is the final step in the education program generally attempted after completing the Crash Course and spending time on the simulator. It can also be taken by traders with good experience in the market.

Earn2Trade partners with proprietary trading firms to evaluate the performance of students in this program. Once completed successfully, the results of the evaluation are sent to trading partners to get an offer to join them as a funded trading partner. The company also gives a certificate upon passing The Gauntlet.

Gauntlet Mini

A variant of the standard Gauntlet program, Gauntlet Mini was launched in 2019 as the latest offering by Earn2Trade. It aims to help you create a funded trading account in only 15 days instead of the regular 60-day period of Gauntlet. It is designed with a set of rules that traders should follow for 15 days during which their performance is evaluated. Traders should reach the profit target based on the account size to be able to pass this test.

The Gauntlet Mini works on a paid subscription basis and the evaluation continues until you can successfully fulfill the target without breaking the rules or until you change or cancel the plan. Pricing for this program depends on the size of the funding account you want to get started with. For example, an account with $25,000 requires paying $150 per month while the fee increases to $350 per month for an account with a capital of $150,000.

Earn2trade pricing

Gauntlet Mini Features

When you subscribe to Gauntlet Mini, you get lifetime access to the Beginner Crash Course, use of trading simulator tool, and access to the reporting tool named Journalytix. Here are some of the features of this program.


The dashboard gives you quick access to important areas like Calendar, Lessons, Simulator, and Webinars.


You get basic charting options on the platform with important dates and a large number of indicators and widgets.

Market Depth

The subscription includes level 2 info which can be integrated into any trading platform you use. One-click trading is available right from the charts.


You can send your trades to this tool and put them into categories to figure out the best strategies for them. You can also export the data to Excel from here.

Order Ticket

You can use order tickets for complex orders with two options available – simple and advanced mode. It allows entering the symbol, quantity, and order details, and the margin and applied commission are displayed at the bottom.

Earn2trade chart

Advantages & Disadvantages of Earn2Trade


  • Access to Journalytix tool
  • Ongoing support and mentorship
  • Variety of charting options
  • Bootcamp program ideal for beginners
  • Basic charting options available
  • Flexible pricing based on account size
  • Level 2 data integrated into the offering
  • Professional educators and developers
  • Works as a recruiter to help start trading career
  • Interesting course content
  • Covers forex and futures market
  • Evaluation-based learning method
  • Straightforward rules for Gauntlet Mini evaluation


  • Free trial is missing
  • Prices may not be affordable for many
  • Not sufficient feedback from clients


Earn2Trade is a perfect tool for aspiring traders looking to learn and refine their skills in forex and futures trading to start a professional career. Those who are in search of a comprehensive educational course that deals with all the pain points of trading would find this platform ideal.

It offers several program modules to choose from, depending on your requirements and level. The overall concept appeals to everybody from beginners to professional traders who want to create a funded account without putting in a lot of capital.

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