Investors Underground Review

Investors underground

Investor Underground is the most popular chat room on the internet. It is one of the biggest chat room on the web since 2008. Many well-known traders such as Nathan Michaud, Eric Wood, and Tim Grittani, utilize this platform.

In this detailed review, we will introduce to you what is investor underground. Who is it for? What are the different pros and cons of investor underground? What does investors underground offer? Let’s come straightly to the point…



Who is the Founder of Investors Underground?

Nathan Michaud is a founder of investor underground (IU). He is a big name in the world of online trading. He has been day trading since 2003. After completing his degree in finance in 2007, he went full-time in this field. He earned this fame after spending almost 17 years in day trading.

Many traders recognize Nathan by his Twitter handle, @InvestorsLive. He has a good feel for the market and different calls on Twitter confirm this fact. Further, Nathan trades different types of stocks and plays both sides of the market i.e. long and short as well.

Enough about the founder. You can know more about him and his knowledge about day trading by following him on Twitter.



What is Investors Underground?

Investors underground are one of the most popular and largest chat rooms on the web. This service initially started in 2008 and was available on the platform for some time. And, it was departed in 2015 from

IU is a chat room, day trading community, and education service. You will find the most prominent and successful stock traders in the world on this platform. They will help you to achieve your goals by making better decisions and formulating better investing strategies.

Above all, IU has thousands of members which are still growing. Nathan managed to influence thousands of people to become a part of this chatroom due to his good reputation. Despite thousands of active members in the community, Nathan remains active in the community and shares stock trading tips on a daily basis.



What does Investors Underground Offer?

After becoming a member of IU, you gain access to a lot of exclusive features you won’t find anywhere else. These features help you to make better trading decisions and come up with incredible strategies. Let’s take an overview of some features…



IU Chat Rooms

The majority of the members spend most of their time in the chat rooms. In this place, they will find their real-time updates tailored to their style of trading.

Each IU chat room has specific members and their own moderators. You can find all types of traders ranging from newbies to experienced and that’s the beauty of this program.

You can learn and formulate your own strategies at your own pace. Off-topic chatting is not allowed. Therefore, you can concentrate on your desired topics and discuss them with the experienced traders.



Momentum Trade Chat

It is one of the most active chat rooms on IU. You will find plenty of active users at any time. As the name suggests, momentum trading is a type of trading in which you need to take advantage of price trends to sell stocks that are on the rise.

When you find a stock at its peak, you should sell them for maximum benefit. However, it’s not as easy as it sounds. You will have to remain active in the chat all day long to discuss market activity and given trade alerts. It can be intimidating for newcomers in beginning but they will get used to it after spending a little bit of time.

Investor underground chat room

Swing Trade Chat

It is quite similar to momentum trading but these shares are usually held longer. In this type of trading, a trader usually hold shares for several days or even weeks instead of buying and selling all within the same day.


Trader’s Lounge

It is a general style trading chat room that is very useful in many ways. For example, you can’t use other chat rooms for asking any off-topic questions because you need to stay on the topic in other chat rooms. Therefore, you can ask or discuss anything in this chat room whenever you want.


Morning Calls

It is another important feature for a member where Nate shares his trading methodology on these calls. Therefore, you will learn the latest trading trades and go through his strategy during these sessions.


Members-Only Webinars

These webinars happen a few times in a month where traders can ask any type of question. As the name suggests, these webinars are only for members where they learn recent trading activity.



Investor underground video course


Investors Underground Courses

One of the best features of IU is its incredible courses. Although you need to pay some extra amount for these courses, these are worth buying. They offer something unique that you won’t find anywhere else.


  1. Textbook Trading: Textbook trading course includes the foundation of your day trading knowledge. It is eight hours long course that covers an intro to active trading.
  2. Tandem Trader Course: Tandem trader course is considered the most advanced course for traders. You will learn how to execute real trades in this course. It is 12 hours long course that covers everything about actual day trading processes.


Investors underground course

Is Investors Underground Legit?

It is the most essential part of the review: is it legit or a scam? Well, I can’t consider it a scam. Because you get everything that you will be paying for. For example, if you subscribe to a monthly plan, you will get instant access to all services such as morning calls, video lessons, and trade recaps, etc.

Another important point that makes it legit is that the founder of IU has a good reputation. He remains active in the community and guides newbies about day trading. Above all, it has good ratings of 4.5 out of 5. Therefore, it’s very difficult to consider it a scam!

Pros and Cons of Investors Underground


Below are some advantages of IU:

  • IU has a transparent and straight-forward approach to trading.
  • Video courses are organized wisely and I will give 5 out of 5 ratings in this case.
  • The customer support is very reliable so you will get an immediate response.
  • You can easily become self-sufficient in day training with the help of IU.
  • The daily pre-market and night watch lists guide you about how stock trading happens.


Below are some disadvantages of IU:

  • The pricing plan of IU starts from $297 so it can be costly for some newbies. However, if you are a beginner, you can have a good idea about IU by watching some instructional videos on YouTube.
  • Although the chat room is very impressive, it still has some flaws. Some chat rooms are inactive sometimes. Similarly, it might be difficult for you to find a member in a chat room with the best trading ideas.


Investor Underground is one of the premier services that teach you everything about day trading. However, it’s not that easy because it can be overwhelming for newcomers. Still, you should give it a try because most traders who have tried investors underground have found it valuable.


investors underground pricing Rating = 4.8/5 

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