Gold & Silver For Life Review

Learn How To Cash-Flow Gold & Silver For A Passive Income Of 12% – 26.4% Per Year Just Like Real Estate!



Most people basically want the same things especially when it comes to investing. Nobody wants to consider doing things that appear to be ‘too risky” yet everyone is eager to make as much money as possible within a reasonable time frame.

Minesh Bhindi’s new program known as “Gold and Silver for Life” has got a lot of people talking. They say it works like real estate where anyone can make a “passive income of 12 percent to 26.4 percent yearly. Really? this sounds too good to be true.

Who is Minesh Bhindi?

Minesh Bhindi is a self-made millionaire who is dedicated to assisting people with the help they need to invest and increase wealth. Bhindi has been acting as a consultant for high net worth individuals around the world through an investment advisor to funds – Reverent Capital – which he founded to invest in gold and silver.

What is Gold and Silver for life?

Gold and Silver for Life is an all-in-one investment program that teaches people (ordinary people) how to establish a guaranteed income from the gold and silver markets. It is all about investing in precious metals and making a decent and sustained profit from it.

Established on the prospect of long-term protective wealth building, Gold and Silver for Life has emerged into a community of investors in over 27 countries. This investment program claims to offer a Return on Investment of about 1 to 2.2 percent monthly.

Price and what you get

Generally, this program is a trading options software that shows people how to profit from the fluctuating value of gold and silver. A minimum starting capital position of $5,000 is required to get started. After the free webinar, you will need to pay pay initial £3,997/approx $5,997 to join the program where you stand to get step-by-step info on how to get started, free webinars, access to the online learning center, and live weekly coaching calls and weekly webinars. The balance of $6,000 is due only when you make a profit of £100,000/ approx $150,000.

What we like Gold and Silver for life

Owning gold and silver present one of the most secure possible ways to safeguard your future. Now, Gold and Silver For Life makes it possible for anyone to get a foot into the gold and silver market. You stand to grow your knowledge on investing and profiting from the global gold and silver markets through the online learning center.

What we didn’t like about Gold and Silver for life

The minimum investment of $5,000 poses a major constraint for many to benefit from the program. Also, buying into the program requires more investment.


Although you may feel quite skeptical about Gold and Silver for Life at first instance, however, it is good to know that it is for real. In fact, the results speak for themselves. As at this very moment, the program boasts of an incredible zero percent refund rate with a verified 9 percent of customers recouping the promised 1 to 2.2 percent ROI monthly.


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