Crypto Swap Profits Review


As newer digital assets are entering the market, it can be a daunting task for newbies to started with cryptocurrency trading. This is where a reliable source of information and alerts about crypto can prove to be useful.

One such online platform is Crypto Swap Profits which offers a wide range of lessons, videos, and strategies to educate and guide beginners as well as experienced users so that they can capitalize on the newest opportunities in the world of cryptocurrency.

In this review, let us take a closer look at the service, its working, offerings, pros and cons, and more to help you make a wiser decision.

What Does Crypto Swap Profits Offer?

Crypto Swap Profits is an online course that teaches how to trade cryptocurrency, the basics of crypto and blockchain technology, and other things about investing. The course is offered in two parts as discussed below.

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1. The Core Training

During this part of the course, you watch audiovisual lessons over a teacher’s shoulder to learn the basics of crypto investing.

The team guides you through every step of the investing process. You are introduced to the crypto fundamentals, their working, and other advanced topics including DeFi and more. Here are some of the topics covered under this section.

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Basics of Cryptocurrencies – This is the primary aspect of the course where you are introduced to the fundamentals of cryptocurrencies, their working, and how they are unique.

Decentralized Finance – In this section, you learn about the role of decentralized finance in the industry and how you can make the most out of it for crypto.

Smart Risk and High Reward Trading – This part of the course educates you on ways to earn high returns without taking big risks. The Crypto Smart Profits team believes it is possible to get investment returns by taking smart risks that protect your finances.

DeFi Apps – The Mastermind course also discusses DeFi apps and how to trade using them. Most of these applications can be installed on a mobile device to get access to all that the world of DeFi has to offer.

Altcoins – This section will teach you about the best altcoins available, their significance, their future, and their impact on decentralized finance.

The Game Plan – The team introduces you to a Rules-based Trading system aimed at minimizing risks and increasing profits.

Swap DEX – In this section, the team teaches what DEX websites should be used and why they are profitable. These are exchanges for alternative cryptos and have extensive listings, low fees, high liquidity, and low spreads.


Pancake swap


Binance Smart Chain – This part explains how Binance is one of the most crucial aspects of the crypto world.

Crypto Wallets – You are taught how crypto wallets work and how you can add funds to your wallets. You also learn the benefits of soft vs hard wallets, ways to protect your funds, and how to prevent the loss of your crypto holdings.

Rules-Based Trading System – In this part, professionals put into practice a rules-based trading system that claims to help new traders get lucrative returns. You also get a chance to learn some of the most effective trading strategies of the team.

DeFi Automation – The Crypto Swap Profits team believes that DeFi has a weapon of automation that can maximize your efficiency and get you profits even when you are sleeping. The team also believes that an automated trading system gives a positive return on investment, making the Mastermind program worth it.

2. Live Mastermind & Support

The second part of the program covers all the extras and teaches tactics to help users enter and exit trades at the right time. Here are the components of this part of the course.

Community – The expert community allows you to ask questions and get answers from members and the team. The forum also lets you interact with like-minded traders. The team also helps you when you are stuck on a price and not able to make money.


crypto swap profit forum

Trading Opportunities – Crypto Swap Profits gets special access to trading and investment opportunities before launch. With this feature, you receive alerts about such opportunities before they go public. As the team constantly looks for deals in the Mastermind forums, you get an advantage over others.

Follow My Trades – This component of the program lets users get insight into the program creator’s skills and knowledge in trading.

You can view the team’s trades and choose to follow them or use them to gain experience in the area. They also share information on why the creator picked a specific trade and the profits earned from it.

Swap Alerts – Whenever the team identifies potentially lucrative investment opportunities, an alert is sent to the subscribers. You get a chance to get big returns on the money you invest in tokens based on these alerts.

Coaching Videos & Updates – The weekly training video is sent to subscribers to keep them updated on the DeFi market and the overall crypto trading market.

How Crypto Swap Profits Mastermind Works?

Crypto Swap Profits Mastermind is an internet-based training program that intends to help new and experienced traders make money in the world of crypto trading.

A subscription to the service educates you on blockchain applications, cryptocurrencies, and their effects on various industries. It is suitable for investors of all levels and gives access to information not easily available on the internet.

Subscribers receive swap and trade alerts and access to a community of traders. What makes it different from others is the trading bot that helps traders generate consistent profits.

The program works in two parts; the core training aims to get users started through a series of video lessons while the second part features support for new investors to help them learn using tools and build a community.

Advantages & Disadvantages of Crypto Swap Profits

Let us take a look at the benefits and drawbacks of Crypto Swap Profits.


  • Comprehensive even for new traders
  • Competitive subscription fee
  • Wide range of payment options
  • Information about trades of the program creator
  • Instant access to the program upon subscription
  • Facilitates interaction between like-minded traders
  • 12-month money-back guarantee


  • Can seem to be expensive for some
  • Requires time to learn all the content
  • Requires a PC
  • Free trial not available

Final Verdict

Crypto Swap Profits is a well-designed educational and training program that works great for new as well as seasoned crypto investors.

The course offers everything you would want to know about the world of cryptocurrency trading and provides useful insights into the latest changes and opportunities in the crypto market.

The competitive price and 12-month money-back guarantee make it a worthy investment for anybody willing to maximize returns out of their crypto trades.


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