Biotech Breakouts Review


Discover How Kyle Dennis Went From Broke College Student to Millionaire Trader in Less Than 4 Years Trading BioTech Stocks


The biotech industry is booming, and the best way to key into the opportunity is to trade on the hottest companies for profit. It’s easy, however, to get overwhelmed by the stock market, and make mistakes. But with the help of an expert with experience and a wealth of information, you too can be among the successful few.

Meet Kyle Dennis

Kyle Dennis is the Co-Founder and Director of BioTech Breakouts. He was always interested in the stock market, and after realizing how much money he could make in it decided to take a risk. Kyle saved up $15,000 as a starting cash and using his knowledge in science and finance started trading on the biotechnology sector. In less than three years the $15k investment had quickly grown to $1.6 million, and he transformed from the average corporate employee to a self-made millionaire raking in thousands monthly.



What is Biotech Breakouts

Biotech Breakouts is an educational service run by Kyle Dennis with the aim of teaching people how to find, track and analyze biotech stocks. Similar to his mentor Jason Bond, Dennis wants to teach passionate individuals the tricks of the trade, specifically in the biotech industry.


Price and what you get

Biotech Breakouts offers three subscription plans each with its unique benefits. The three services are Swing Trading, Biotech Investor, and Biotech Nucleus.

Biotech Catalyst Swing Trading


 This is best for people with short-term focus or active traders who intend to buy and sell within short periods. The service offers daily watch lists and portfolio summaries on a regular basis. Real-time buy and sell alerts are also sent directly to you, and of course, you get round the clock support from Dennis and his team.

 Biotech Investor

 $1,999 / yearly

 The biotech investor service is best for busy professionals who can afford to wait on long-term trades, sometimes lasting months. In this service, Kyle provides weekly watch lists, buy and sell alerts for two months, regular portfolio summaries that outline information on the biotech industry, the stock market, personal tips on each position, and real-time alerts.

 Biotech Nucleus

 $5,999 / yearly

 The nucleus service is the best for committed traders who want to make a long-term career out of trading. It covers everything from Catalyst Swing Trading to Biotech Investor, and much more. Some of the great benefits of this premium service are daily chat room access, video watch lists, live trading sessions with Kyle, and webinars that cover critical topics.


What we like about Biotech Breakouts

 Biotech breakouts is an excellent way to learn all you need to on biotech trading. Every subscription offers you helpful information, tips, and other educational materials that you can use to turn a profit in as quickly as days.


Biotech Breakouts is a fantastic service, but there are no shortcuts to success. You will need hard work and dedication, and with the help of Kyle Dennis your efforts will consistently pay off with great rewards. Click Here To Learn More About Biotech Breakouts.

8-Figure Trader Kyle Dennis Rating = 4.8/5 Highly Recommended!


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